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Penal Reform Solutions specialises in growing organisational culture in prison, school and the community.  We offer a variety of services to support organisations in developing quality practices, which promote personal growth.  

As a dedicated organisation and committed team steeped in  practical and academic experience regarding penal reform, PRS offers:  

  • Supporting correctional organisations in penal reform through cultural change.

  • Developing quality rights-based practices, focused on procedural justice.

  • Applying academic knowledge to practice in an accessible way. 

  • Designing and facilitating training that empowers practitioners and managers, building resilience and cohesion. 

  • Delivering excellent consultancy and advisory services for organisations wanting to develop and enhance their professional practice.  

  • Creating sustainable solutions, through humanistic practice implementation.  

Contact Penal Reform Solutions:

PO BOX 364


   SO51 1DZ




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