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 Dr Sarah Lewis- Director



Dr Sarah Lewis has worked and researched in probation and prison environments since 2004 and specialises in:

  • Working relationships within practice.

  • Quality practice 

  • Rehabilitative work

  • Growth-focused correctional practice


Dr Sarah Lewis was formerly a Senior Academic at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth.  In this role she was responsible for training probation practitioners and later became the Course Leader for the undergraduate degree; Criminology with Psychology.  Prior to this, Dr Sarah Lewis worked for Probation, delivering cognitive behavioural treatment and Lean consultancy. 

Dr Sarah Lewis carried out her doctoral studies on therapeutic correctional relationships and since becoming a doctor,  she has focused her efforts on quality practice within correctional contexts.  She feels passionate about promoting humanistic principles in practice, especially since she researched a number of Norwegian prison environments over the past two years. 

Dr Sarah Lewis is currently working for the Council of Europe, developing, training and evaluating rehabilitative programmes in prisons in Eastern Europe.  Further to this, she is working closely with HMP Guys Marsh, to develop and improve prison environments to achieve greater safety and well-being. 

Dr Sarah Lewis offers bespoke training packages that will suit your needs and is happy to discuss any ideas you might have for practice development, penal reform strategies or research.   She uses innovative research methods to research prison and rehabilitative organisations and focuses on collaboration in all of her projects, involving practitioners and service users to inform penal reform.  


                          Sally Barrett-Operational Manager

Previous employment posts held were; Hospital and community based Social Worker, Senior Probation Officer for 11 years,  working in Probation for 18 years and supported the organisational TR change, Effective Practice Training Manager for the SE Consortium's five Counties and leading on  National Projects. Currently working part time as a Senior Consultant for PRS  and her responsibilities lay within recruitment, processes and implementation, creation and delivery of training, template and project design, quality assurance, policy writing and brings to PRS an extensive background of experience in project and risk management. Sally also provides one to one and group supervision  support. Sally additionally works part time covering absence for PARCS-Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service, providing managerial support, supervising staff and leading on their accreditation application. Sally is a strong believer that positive growth is possible with the appropriate approach and interventions.

                                    Carianne Burr- School Growth Lead

Carianne has a long serving history of working in Cognitive Therapies, as a Facilitator, SE Trainer and Countywide Treatment Manager delivering quality assurances. Carianne joined the PRS team in October 2017 as a Senior Consultant. Carianne's role involves leading and supporting the development of the Outreach Project in Schools, designing and implementing a variety of training packages for the pupils and Staff, supporting and building relationships within the educational system to support effective positive change. The Outreach Programme not only covers the physical environment but delivers on training needs, such as dealing with challenging behaviour, healthy relationships, problem solving skills, self esteem, knife crime and lots more. The role will involve conducting assessments, producing ‘As Is’ and ‘Recommendation’ reports, collaborative working with a whole school approach to carry forward recommendations, supporting implementations and quality assessing progress. 

Noel Moran- Business Manager


Noel has been involved in the Criminal Justice System since 2006 and joined PRS as a researcher in September 2016.  This led to him becoming the business manager in 2019 and central to the organisations development. Noel is a major advocate in positive change and believes everyone has the capability to unlock their highest potential.  He strives to help others achieve personal growth.  Noel is an experienced Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Practitioner and fitness instructor and embraces a vast understanding of the benefits of wellbeing and how looking after the mind and body brings about a better sense of balance and peace in one’s life. He embraces the idea of allowing people to feel their natural self’s, find acceptance and forgiveness, find their resolve through progressive practices and wants to create a growth climate internally and externally.


Noel has created a unique 10 week Mindfulness Based Yoga Programme (Noela Yoga), adopting and integrating the principles of growth, through creative visualisations, meditation and positive affirmations as well as . 


Noel has mentored, trained and facilitated cognitive offending behaviour programmes.  Whilst he promoted such programmes in custody, he holds the opinion that these programmes would be far best suited in schools as a preventative model instead of an intervention.


Noel has carried out key work in safer custody, violence reduction, equality and diversity, substance misuse, resettlement needs, and has a passion for understanding and helping people suffering from mental health issues, and trauma.  He is able to connect with staff and residents within custody, through his experience and understanding of their needs.


Noel delivers motivational speaking to prisons, schools and the wider community.  He enjoys empowering and inspiring others, delivering presentations on his own difficulties and traumas he has faced within his life.  He talks about loss, the journey to success and staying on track, as well as how the principles of growth apply within organisations and the significant impact of this.


Noel is an excellent team leader, problem solver and has superb active listening skills. He takes pride in what he does and enjoys the satisfaction that comes with helping others. Noel is extremely forward thinking, with the attitude that personal growth can be found in any of us and within any environment.  With such passion, it fuels his creative flair, resilience and ambition to utilise the principles of growth in organisations.

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