The Connection Campaign

The Connection Campaign is a Campaign

to build relationships between different people,

in order to promote a more connected society.  The

sense of belonging is a fundamental aspect of any

community and sometimes different groups and people

become distance and disconnected from the community 

in which they live.  We value the power of communities and are committed to make them more inclusive, compassionate and accepting.  

This Campaign is ongoing and takes on different themes, over time.  We focus on raising awareness of different groups that may feel unheard and not seen.  We collect all the findings and use all contributions to illuminate the issues people are facing.  We also focus on highlighting aspects of growth within society and explore how these features can be developed and promoted in everyday life.  During COVID19, connection is so important and as an organisation we feel passsionately about doing what we can to maintain connection and reduce social harm.  

There are two active Connection Campaigns currently:  Our Prisoner Families Connection Campaign and our Youth Connection Campaign.  Please click on the links for more information.

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