Developing Practice Together: Prison Growth Project Practice Manual


The Prison Growth Project Practice Manual was co-created by the staff and residents of HMP Guys Marsh, following discussions of how we might embed keyworker and create a structure to practice, which is research informed. That said, the practice manual is not only for prison officers, but is designed in such a way, to include all practitioners.  This is vital for growth and increases the power of rehabilitative practice.


The practice manual has three sections and was specifically developed for the prison, using images and examples that were taken from HMP Guys Marsh.  The rationale behind this approach was to increase the meaningfulness of the manual and make it ‘real’ for those at HMP Guys Marsh. 


This is the first edition of the practice manual, and will be reviewed and developed every six months, following staff and resident feedback.  This makes it a live document, which grows as the prison develops. 


The following sections were collaboratively written;


Section 1: Improvements


Building the principles of growth into practice 


Section 2: Learning about People in Prison


Key issues in practice and their application  


Section 3. Research and Events


Sharing learning from events 

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