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Growing Schools

PRS believe in prevention as well as intervention and have a number of services for schools, PRU's and other educational organisations, to support them in creating conditions that nurture growth and divert people away from offending.  


We are offering the opportunity to engage with us in delivering a bespoke School Growth Programme to your pupils who are at risk of inclusion or exclusion.


What is the School Growth Project? 

The project would be designed to target the specific needs of your pupils, staff and school and would therefore require a whole-school approach through co-production.


The initial stage would be to assess the ‘As Is’ environment in your school; the difficulties pupils, staff and parents face when ensuring all pupils engage and succeed in mainstream classes. 6 workshops would be facilitated at your convenience; 2 with Staff, 2 with pupils and 2 with parents to establish the issues, needs and associated difficulties to be addressed. From this a CBT and research-informed programme is designed by us that specifically meets the needs of the pupils and school as a whole. At implementation stage, sessions would be delivered to small groups of pupils who are most at risk of inclusion or exclusion with the ultimate expectation being that they would develop the skills necessary to successfully reintegrate and achieve in mainstream classes. This would be assessed throughout the process and reports would be shared to track progress at relevant stages. 

Why are we doing it? 

2,606 pupils received fixed-term exclusions in the last academic year in Portsmouth alone; a 25% increase on the previous year. Numbers for those in inclusion are also rising at an alarming rate, which impact not only on school performance and finances but are indicators of subsequent offending behaviours, which undoubtedly impact not only on the pupil but the community as a whole. With suspensions, inclusions and exclusions on the rise (and associated financial and staff wellbeing implications), this project aims to improve the skills pupils need to achieve not only academically but socially to provide a ‘whole-child’ initiative with a clear focus on problem-solving, social skills, conflict-resolution, self-monitoring, self-control, relationships, consequential thinking, identity, social capital and emotional management.

Our approach to the delivery of any material is to facilitate change and assist in self-development rather than to ‘teach’ therefore out sessions are interactive, with the pupil at the centre of their own learning; an effective and proven technique when working with those who present as more challenging or rigid in their behaviours and views.

This coupled with a strengths-based approach, where pupils are encouraged to acknowledge their goals and qualities to build upon, will provide a safe learning environment where real changes can be adopted to benefit the pupil, school, family and wider community in preventing subsequent crimes and antisocial behaviours.

As a company we specialise in safeguarding, risk assessing, designing and delivering CBT-based programmes, managing difficult and challenging behaviours, (re)habilitation, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health issues, trauma-informed practice, motivational work, learning styles, diversity, staff training, quality assurance, multi-agency working, supervision and staff development.  The opportunity to bring in mentors who have experienced the reality of offending behaviours(including those with a history of gang membership and knife crime) coupled with a multi-agency approach (to ensure safeguarding and trauma-related issues are responsibly managed) will provide a comprehensive and tailored programme that is pioneering in school arenas.

Training can also be provided to Staff in managing challenging behaviours and skill building to ensure every pupil’s potential is reached, inclusion/ exclusion avoided and that Staff are fully equipped to perform in, and enjoy their role.  We are offering a solution-focused, capacity-building programme that looks to benefit the growth of the pupils, staff and school as a whole and ultimately contribute to reducing offending.


o   18 month growth project to embed a sustainable culture change relevant to schools situated in areas with high youth crime rates, experiencing pupil behavioural difficulties and or staff dissatisfaction/ retention issues.

o   2 month ‘As Is’ evaluation to provide a detailed report based on findings from pupils, staff and parents to highlight Need within the school.

o   6 week Photo Project to showcase areas of excellence within a school.  This can be used to market successes.

o   1 Day Speakers with ‘lived experiences’ of prison, gang culture, knife crime, violence and drug misuse.

o   Singular 3-Module Group work Intervention for children at risk of inclusion or exclusion.

o   Rolling 3-Module group work intervention for children at risk of inclusion or exclusion as an ongoing project.

o   1 Day Staff Coaching: Managing challenging behaviours, Motivational Interviewing, Resilience building, creating a growth culture, Pro-Social Modelling, Coaching Styles, Action Learning Sets to embed learning.