#prison blog: Log 9: The importance of CONNECTING with nature

February 6, 2017


After today the researchers are in charge of the project for the next two weeks as I am away from the prison during this time.  So far, 15 people have taken part in the project, 10 inmates and 5 staff.  The reason for this break was to give me some space and perspective on the project, but more importantly, to give responsibility and ownership to the researchers.  Elin would be at the prison to oversee any problems, but I was confident the researchers would do a good job.  I trusted them.  


At the beginning of the week, one inmate had said that for the project he would like a picture of the fox.  When Tommy talked about this fox, it sounded like an incredible animal and growing up as a city girl myself, my image of a city fox was slightly different.  However, I got a real glimpse of the fox yesterday, but I got so excited I squealed and as a result, he beat a hasty retreat, with only a blurred picture of his tail to show for it (see photo!) 


I met Tommy yesterday and told him of my disappointing story.  However, I said I was hopeful that one of the researchers would get a photograph of the fox.  I have no idea what photos will be taken and how involved people will be.  It was hard giving up all control of the project, but it felt like the right thing to do and there was an element that excited me about the uncertainty of what was going to happen next

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