#prison blog; Log 12: Capturing a TRANSFORMATIVE environment.

March 3, 2017

Going through the photos in more detail was exciting and emotional, as I learnt more about the prison and its values.  It was clear that having inmates involved in the research had been a great success as it would have been unlikely that I had reached some of the inmates, due to their poor English and my utterly terrible Norwegian.  The ideas around privacy and peace seemed to be coming through and how silence can nurture self development.  On the right is a photo that was taken by an inmate, who I learnt was a published author and particularly interested in drug policy and human rights.  


I could have listened to him all day as he talked me through his ideas and showed me the hundreds of photos he had taken around the island.  I was once again almost reduced to tears.  

He also took this photo of the horse, which again is a significant animal on the island as the inmates show a great deal of loyalty and respect for the horses. 



The island had transformed in the short time I was away and spring had arrived.  The forest was covered with flowers, which some staff discussed in connection with positive change and growth.  The sheep were having lambs daily and there was an added excitement in the air.  













I asked if I could spend an afternoon with the sheep as I had never seen a lamb being born and the inmate in charge of the sheep (who I called Lamb Papa) said that was fine.  I walked away after today and realised I did not see the prison today and yet, as I walked back to my room, my own freedom to be amongst society became even brighter in my mind.

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