#prison blog; Log 19 - A new chapter

June 12, 2018


Today one of my team was released. He had worked with me on the Growth Project for over a year. When I first met this chap he was a quiet and polite young man. He lacked some confidence and yet had an air about him that could get things done. As time went on I valued how incredibly reliable he was, he would do anything to help and would always be there with a great idea to a problem. I was over the moon when he got parole after a year of hearing him saying “I want to go home”. I saw him for the last time (hopefully) in the library and after a big hug found myself thanking him for being there when things were tough and for all of his contributions. As I cried like a baby (I cry a lot, get used to it) he told me to stop crying and said he would be ok. He has so much talent. I hope he is ok. He holds so much more hope than he did when I first met him and I hope he finds happiness after such a long waiting game.

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#prison blog; Log 28-' Never underestimate what a group of like-minded people can do'.

September 1, 2018

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