"The Growth Project is a brilliant way to motivate everyone.  It embeds positive attitudes which help raise confidence in both staff and men, with increased trust and responsibility." Staff at HMP Guys Marsh

"I think growth is a positive opportunity to allow change and development within our environment and to build a culture we can be proud of and hopefully maintain".  Staff at HMP Guys Marsh 

"The Growth Project is a great inspiration for hope and encouragement for betterment of everyones life.  Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best in the future".  Resident at HMP Guys Marsh 

"You are the ambassador for hope and growth and the most inspiring person I have ever encountered.  You do us proud and truly change lives".  Resident at HMP Guys Marsh 

"After over two years of hard work, sheer persistence and energy, we find ourselves in an establishment that has improved considerably across a number of fronts."  Deputy Governor at HMP Guys Marsh 

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